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Originally Posted by KnightHawk View Post
Phenomenal TGirl on Guy Bareback Scene for Brazil TGirls XXX starring Clara Ludovice. It is great seeing Clara back looking absolutely gorgeous in a black dress and black red bottom heels. Clara Ludovice is a beautiful and talented TGirl that has an attractive face and lovely smile, amazing and toned body,thighs and legs,very sexy tits and butt,super cool tattoos and a very big girlcock. I loved the way she was face fucking her male partner and fucking him from underneath,and topping him in doggystyle,spooning and missionary positions and shooting her nectar in his ass and kissing him to end the scene. Clara Ludovice's performance was impeccable and erotic. thanks for the phenomenal scene and introducing your fanbase to this Beautiful.&.Talented TGirl. looking forward to seeing more of Clara Ludovice as a Full Top. Keep up the superb work and those spectacular updates coming Louie my friend.
Funny was , she loves cum inside her partners but for obvious reasons rarelly can do it . She was so horny that did a creampie. In porn she is totally able do it because we test our guys every 2 weeks. She ask to do another scene cumming exact like that.
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