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Originally Posted by Louie Damazo View Post
SOme times i feel so lost. DAily updates are so cool but demand more from us

I m trying do something more interesting as 1 week more BTGs , other week more 2 stars sets. It makes every week unique and very interesting

Oh and i m burning my mind about 4K here. Idf all run as i plan i ll be offering BEST 4K quality of all sitres with DSLR approach

ANd i still have news for after august but still TOP SECRET
We completely understand that producing Daily Updates are very cool. but demand a lot from us. I am sure y'all will figure out a way to present Daily Updates and make it less demanding. That's excellent to hear that you are going to be doing something more interesting with 1 more week featuring Black TGirls and another week of 2 Star Sets.. and i agree, it will make every week Unique and Very Interesting. Sounds Fantastic and will be looking forward to seeing 4K 2160p Quality on all sites with DSLR Approach. Okie Dokie
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