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Originally Posted by Louie Damazo View Post
I normally take notes about requests u guys ask BUt this last week was so tense, so hard to work that i was in focus only in get more sets possible. I work with models were avaliable , many just dont want quit home even we doing all safe . I ll explain all in next monday update.

I have lots of new stuff coming , all scenes bareback but i never had so hard week in my life. I m back home totally destroyed, very tired but i m here giving u guys feedbacks about how thing are. I apreciatte all suport can get
I understand that you usually take notes about the requests we ask for, and this past week was so tense and hard to work that you only focused on getting as many sets possible and worked with models that were available, many of them didn't want to leave home,even though you all are doing safe, and that you will explain all in next monday's update. and also have alot of new stuff coming and all the scenes are bareback. and never had a hard week in your life. and you're back home totally destroyed and very tired,but you're here giving us feedback about how things are. and appreciate all the support you can get. And we will continue to support you.
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