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Originally Posted by knightrider82 View Post
The TS on TS Update for starring Cacau DePaula and Deborah Mastronelly was fantastic and a wicked cool pairing. It's great to see Cacau back again looking very sexy in lingerie,glasses and sandals and Deborah with her new look and pointed black knee high's been a while since we've seen her. I like the way the scene began with them kissing and caressing each other. with Cacau commanding the action for the entire scene topping Deborah in multiple positions. however i was alittle disappointed that Deborah didn't cum on herself while getting fucked missionary style. and Cacau didn't give her a facial or shoot her nectar on Deborah's Tits. other than that it was an awesome scene. both of their performances were amazing and also her performance in the TS on TS Scene that she did with Belatrix back on Monday November 13th 2017 was astonishing. And Deborah Mastronelly's performances in her first TS on TS Scene that she did with Deborah Tavares and 3rd TS on TS Scene with Thays Maclayne back on August 26th 2015 and February 23rd 2016 were magnificent. Thanks for the great update and for introducing your fanbase to these gorgeous models LD. Looking forward to seeing more of Cacau DePaula in TS on TS Action as a Full Top.. And Deborah Mastronelly in TS on Guy and TS on TS Action as a Full Top. Keep up the great work my friend
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