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Originally Posted by knightrider82 View Post
@Louie Damazo: Yes we do remember that you brought Miss Rosy Pinheiro back. because your members all love her. Including myself. She is one of my favorite TS Models for the following reasons: Beautiful Face and Smile and Confidence,Smoking Hot.&.Toned Body,Personality.&.Style,Very Nice Bubble Butt and a Huge Girlcock. And a Very Talented Performer as well. That is excellent to hear that you are into more BTG's because you received a request about it on here. and you have been paying attention and doing it in a way that makes your fanbase happy. Which isn't an easy task. and we really appreciate it. Very Cool Preview Pic. and the Preview Clip was awesome. will be looking to seeing the Pinheiro-Magalhaes TS on TS Update. on Monday 7/3/17 and to the hardcore update that she did for is that going to be Friday/July/7th Update?.
LAst week we invert Monday/Friday update thewn had monday SFH update with Nathalia Castro & Marcus and last friday we had BRAZ T ON TS with Patricia Campbell & Marcinha . Next week all back normal - Monday ll have Pinheiro X Magalhaes hardcore and some other scene friday on SFH
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