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Originally Posted by Louie Damazo View Post
I m lucky get 2 newbies soooo fuckinh great. We already spoke a lot about Rosy but i need sau Ericka Lee is just spetacular. SHe ll also have a scene oin SFH and i m IN CHOCK in how exciting that set was. I cant wait put it online

ACtually i cant wait shoot all this in 4K
@Louie Damazo..Thanks for your Feedback and even though we always don't agree on everything.. I appreciate the Superb Work that You and Grooby do. and we know how happy it makes you are that we like the Updates that you produce. and you're very welcome. and thank you for always taking the time to respond your fanbase. I agree Ericka Lee is another attractive model, Will she be topping?.

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