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Originally Posted by Louie Damazo View Post
One of best 2 Stars pairing Ever. I confess u if be possible i would like offer this kind of set much more here. 2 Bombshells together seducing audience is something ll always works very well.

PLans for it i have, lets see how $$$$ situation ll become. If i nbe able make better incomings in future my idea is change mix of BRAZ site to offer more footage weekly. I have plans but i need it becoming true
Completely agree that this week's TGirl 2 Stars Solo Scene starring Adrielly Bronze and Vitoria Prado was one of the best 2 stars pairings ever. and great to hear that you would like to offer more of these kinds of sets here featuring 2 bombshells together seducing the audience,is something that will always works very well. and you have plans for it and will have to see how your money situation will become. and i understand that if you are able to make better income,your plan is to change the mix of the Brazil Site to offer more footage weekly. and you need it to become true. and i sure that it will become true and be able to implement your plans.
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