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Originally Posted by knightrider82 View Post
For now i will keep my Critical and Harsh Comments to myself when commenting on updates since it offends you. I am ready to move on from this pointless thread that i created out of selfishness over a year ago. and now regret creating this damn thing because it's ruining our friendship. which is really messed up. So let's close the page on this troublesome thread and move on and get back to the peacefulness on the forum OKAY?. and yes we may disagree on certain things most of the tlme. but i really appreciate all the hard work that You do. and for always taking the time to respond to your fanbase and yes i know that sometimes you can't respond because you're busy creating top notch content. and i really respect you a lot as a cyberfriend. and once again i apologize for taking out my frustrations on you for having a very bad day. it wasn't right at all.

Again, I have NO PROB with critics. I take risks in many situations then is totally normal some times get NOT so good footage in few situations. It is part of job. What i m VERY CRITIC is get BAD COMENTS about scenes u dont even saw and it ONLY because they re NOT EXACT as u want. I already spoke all i need about it and ll not repeat again but if someone DONT LIKE a set i make nd explain why i ll acept it and try dont repeat
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