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Originally Posted by knightrider82 View Post
Once agree i completely disagree with you 1000% that pairing a Gorgeous TS Model with a Scrawny Ass Dude is disappointing and uninteresting. and the upcoming update for Friday February 23rd 2018 sounds boring and uninteresting because it's another TS on Guy Flex Scene a type of scene that i have Zero Interest in watching and sure as hell don't find anything hot about a Gorgeous TGirl and a Scrawny Ass Dude taking turns topping each other or seeing pov angles of a Guy's Hairy Ass and Balls. some people may like that type of stuff but sure as hell don't. Really? you have done more things that i've suggested?. you've just recently started implented the pattern that i proposal over 2 years. because for years i've been requesting for that type of pattern to be implemented on and yet it just got disregarded. A Big Disappointment to you huh?. I have been very consistent for over 4 years and is always the one posting positive reviews your updates when nobody else does. and last month was great because it featured 4 Full TS on Guy Scenes {2 New and 2 Remasters}. and this month not sure much. and who are the many people that likes TS on Guy Flex Scenes?. The Shadowlurkers: the ones that have been hiding in the shadows for years and recently joined. and yes i know as a director that you have to accommodate all styles which includes:Full TS on Guy, TS on Guy Flex and Guy on TS and everything in between. and you're right i should respect other members tastes. even though it isn't my cup of tea. And here is a cool suggestion that i would like to see implented on the site to accommodate members like myself? 3 Full TS on Guy Scenes { 2 New and 1 Remastered} every month.
I already told all i needed. Enough this pointless ridiculous discussion.

You do same thing every 3 or 4 months. Jesus man, enough of this.
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