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Default Wilker-Ink Update.

The Interracial TS on TS Update for starring Jhoanny Wilker and newcomer Gaby Ink was spectacular and a very interesting pairing. it is great seeing her back looking absolutely gorgeous with her new look. I liked the interaction between them from the tongue kissing and sucking on each other tits and Girlcocks. with Jhoanny commanding the action for the entire scene topping Gaby in Doggy,Spooning,Underneath and Missionary Styles . and Gaby riding Jhoanny's big girlcock reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. and Jhoanny shooting her load all over Gaby to close out the scene. Jhoanny's performance was astonidshing and the Full TS on Guy scene that she was in on Friday January 5th 2018 for was excellent. Gaby Ink performance was impressive and did very well for her first TS on TS Scene. Thanks for the freaking awesome update and introducing your fanbase those Gorgeous Models LD. looking forward to seeing more Jhoanny Wilker in TS on Guy and TS on TS Action as a Full Top and Gaby Ink in TS on TS Action as a Full Bottom. Keep up the great work.

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