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Personally I love VR, I think it is an amazing experience, however this is only really the case if you are using a decent quality set like the rift or vive, the lower grade ones like the gear can be a unique experience the first few times you try it but they are too low resolution to provide a 'good' experience.

Obviously although the prices for the desktop VR sets have come down a couple of hundred dollars they are still pretty expensive and need an also expensive decent PC to run, I have not tried the PS set.

In terms of porn I think there is only one site currently making shemale content for VR but quite a few of the larger regular porn sites have started incorporating VR scenes in with their other content.

In terms of where VR is going I believe it will see slow but steady growth as prices come down and the entry point gets lower, imo it is not going to disappear as with some stuff like 3dtv, the experience is too unique from anything else that people will not want it.
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